White Wines

We have a great selection of white wines that are sure to keep the party going!

From elegant Chardonnay's to Rieslings, The Fermented Grape can get what you need for any occasion!


Chardonnay – Legacy
A classic single varietal with deep straw yellow colour, a fruit-forward bouquet and a balancing touch of oak. Flavours of crisp, green apple and tropical fruit dominate the palate. Enjoy with stuffed turkey and roasted chicken.
Gewürztraminer – Legacy 
A distinctive and exotic wine with an intriguing floral bouquet. An off dry white wine with flavours of lychee nut and grapefruit. This wine is superb with spicy dishes such as a chicken curry.
Liebfraumilch - Legacy
Johannisberg Riesling is the feature variety in this popular German style wine. It has light fruit on the palate and is enjoyed slightly sweetened. Excellent paired with Asian cuisine and spicy chicken dishes.
Pinot Grigio –Kenridge Showcase $195.00
A majestically soft, dry white wine that is low in acid with peach and tropical fruit flavours on the palate flavours. Can be enjoyed early with favourite spiced chicken dishes and grilled white meat seafood.
Piesporter - Legacy
This popular German wine is delicate yet refreshing with a fragrant bouquet accented by hints of honey. An excellent choice for summer salads, lightly spiced chicken and mild curry dishes.
Riesling - Legacy 
A light straw colour with hints of citrus and floral on the nose. A zingy wine with crisp fruity flavours of citrus, apricot and honey. Great with salty dishes, antipasto plates and spicy Asian dishes.
Sauvignon Blanc - Legacy 
This wine has a herbaceous, floral bouquet with gooseberry and citrus fruits on the palate. Try this refreshing wine with antipasto, salads, goat cheese, creamy pastas with asparagus and pan-fried fish.
Verdicchio -Legacy 
Soave, mostly made from the Garganega grape, is a fruity white that often has an almond note. Verdicchio, made from the grape of the same name, has a lemony zestiness.


Chardonnay – KRC 
Aromas of ripe tropical fruit and crisp green apple with subtle undertones of oak. A medium-bodied wine with a lemony finish. A superb wine along side stuffed turkey and chicken dishes.
Chardonnay – Aust (Cheeky Monkey) $155.00 
No worries, this great white will get the Sheilas Cheeky! Chardonnays unique flavours are enhanced by the rich red soils and warm Aussie sun. A great wine with butter-soaked lobster and smoked salmon. Its even great with chicken from the barbie, smothered in a creamy alfredo sauce.
French Columbard (Calif. Connoisseur) $125.00
This crowd pleaser is smooth and soft with a clean, dry flavour. Able to be consumed young.
Gewurztraminer German –(Cheeky Monkey) $155.00
GET OUT YOUR LEDERHOSEN for this off-dry white wine from Germany. A pale, yellow colour with floral, spicy aromas this wines real character is evident in the taste where semi-sweet peach and apricot flavours continue into a persistent finish. The spicy notes on the nose and tongue create an ideal match for oriental dishes, smoked salmon and mildly spiced foods.
Gewurztraminer - KRC 
A distinctive wine with a fragrant floral bouquet and flavours of peach, apricot, pear and spice. The finish is soft and delicate. Pairs well with spicy foods and Asian dishes.
Pinot Grigio - KRC 
A crisp lively wine with a floral bouquet and flavours of ripe tropical fruit and gentle spice. Broiled or grilled seafood and shellfish pair well with this wonderfully balanced dry wine.
Pinot Gris –Wash (Cheeky Monkey) $155.00 
President Washington would even GO APE over this wine! The lush soils and cool climate of the American North-West bring out CHEEKY aromas and tastes of pear, white peach and pineapple. but the real attitude comes through at the end. Great body, zesty acidity and a refreshing finish make this an amazing choice on its own or with light pasta, shrimp and chicken dishes.
Sauvignon Blanc 
KRC $135.00 
This wine shows light grass and tropical fruit aromas with hints of smokiness from the toasted oak and smooth flavours of gooseberries and kiwi. A superb wine with grilled pork tenderloin, goat cheese and asparagus quiche. Includes premium American toasted oak.
Sauvignon Blanc – South African $155.00 
A dry, medium bodied delicate wine which is growing in popularity. Smooth and full flavoured with subtle grassy, herbal aromas.

Spagnols | White Wines – 4 and 5 Weeks

Chardonnay (VDV) 
This medium-bodied wine displays an enticing combination of crisp citrus fruits laced with vanilla and peach notes. Straw in colour, it is supported by a seamless palate packed with notes of melon rounded out in a long, oaky finish.
Chardonnay/Semillon (VDV) $132.45 
The ripe melon fruitiness of Semillon blended with crisp, rich Chardonnay makes this white wine slightly buttery with hints of honey, vanilla and toasted oak.
Sauvignon Blanc (VDV) 
Intense aromas of honeydew melon and pears entice the nose while zesty flavors of grapefruits and herbs grace the palate. 

Spagnol | WHITE WINES—6 Weeks

Argentinean Trio (Viognier/ Riesling/Chardonnay) $192.80 
A delightful blend that highlights the apricot and floral notes of Viognier, the minerality of Riesling with the tropical aromas of Chardonnay. Fresh and balanced fruitiness complemented by hints of vanilla, this brilliant golden yellow wine has a lingering finish.
Bella Bianco 
Cellar Classic wines are truly complex, boasting genuwine varietal character because we select only the finest 100% varietal grape juice and grape concentrates from among the world's premier vineyards.
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc $192.80 
A clean, refreshing wine offering a light, fruity aroma with green, herbal flavours and a touch of mint.
New Zealand Unoaked Chardonnay 
Lifted stonefruit and guava combines with butterscotch of malolactic. Just like granny rewarding you with a Werthers Original Toffee for eating all your tropical fruit. Full and rich with good fruit weight and length is balanced nicely with firm acidity.
Vioginer/Pinot Gris - Aust 
This extremely aromatic white wine opens up with apricots and pear notes. Dry and medium-bodied, it finishes on a refreshing fruit forward note.

Spagnol | EN PRIMEUR—8 Weeks

Chardonnay – Australian 
Our Australian Chardonnay is fermented on a combination of toasted Hungarian oak shavings and lightly toasted American oak chips. This supple, elegant wine boasts rich aromas of honey and tropical fruits while apples, melon, and toasted oak notes tantalize the palate.
Sauvignon Blanc – Australian 
Tropical and citrus fruits are in the bouquet of this unique, medium-bodied Sauvignon Blanc with a hint of herbacity on the nose. This exciting and complex wine bursts with flavours of pineapple, passionfruit and stonefruit with a hint of herbaceousness. The finish offers a refreshing zing of acidity.

Cellarcraft | White Wine 6 and 7 weeks

Gewürztraminer 18L – Yakima
A powerhouse of lychee, mango, grapefruit, honey and spice. Off-dry with a lovely, lingering final impression. Enjoy young and racy or age longer for a more refined profile. Lightly chill and enjoy with most Asian foods.
Gewürztraminer Riesling 18L -Yakima $225.00 
Peach and melon undertones from Riesling marry beautifully with the spice, mango, grapefruit and lychee notes from Gewürztraminer. Incredibly elegant with a hint of sweetness. Enjoy young and fresh or cellar for a more harmonious profile. Extremely food friendly. Enjoy young and not over-chilled.
Johannisburg Riesling – Yakima $225.00
California Johannisberg Riesling is lighter and less exuberant, but still reflects the bright citrus and ripe fruit character that makes Riesling one of the more versatile white wines. Fruity notes with an off-dry impression.
Pinot Gris 18L – Yakima 
The nose has a pronounced, refreshing citrus character with a back note of juicy peach. The mouth-feel is crisp with citrus qualities and the overall sensation delightfully lingers through a good finish. Serve lightly chilled as an aperitif or with light chicken, fish, or pork dishes.
Viognier 18L– Yakima 
An amazing, full-bodied, aromatic wine with a creamy mouth-feel. Unbelievable aromas and flavours of apricot, mango, pineapple, guava, kiwi, tangerine, orange blossom and spiced pear absolutely dazzle the senses. Full, off-dry, lingering finish. Pair it with spicy Asian foods and discover magic! Drink young and not over-chilled.

Cellarcraft | White Wines 4 and 5 weeks

Chardonnay (12L) 
Grapefruit, green apple, and pear aromatics dominate the nose. The medium body is clean and crisp with flavours of green apple and citrus which continue through the wonderful finish. Serve lightly chilled on its own or with seafood, chicken, pork, or vegetable dishes.
Pinot Grigio (12L) 
The nose has a pronounced, refreshing citrus character with a back note of juicy peach. The mouth-feel is crisp with citrus qualities and the overall sensation delightfully lingers through a good finish. Serve lightly chilled as an aperitif or with light chicken, fish, or pork dishes.
Riesling Johannisburg – California (12L) $170.00
California Johannisberg Riesling is lighter and less exuberant, but still reflects the bright citrus and ripe fruit character that makes Riesling one of the more versatile white wines. Fruity notes with an off-dry impression.
Sauvignon Blanc (12L) 
Fresh, crisp, medium-bodied wine with restrained aromas of gooseberry and lime followed by refreshing light flavours of fruit and a bracing core. An excellent wine for social sipping, with appetizers, chicken, and fish.

Cellarcraft | Dessert Wines

Ice Wine – Riesling 8 wk 
Intensely complex aromatics and flavours as well as a rich, lingering finish. The sensory impact is reminiscent of wines made from frozen grapes. Peach, apricot, and honey notes stand out on both the nose and the palate.
Cabernet Franc Ice Wine 8 wk 
A wonderful taste sensation! Sweet strawberries on the nose and packed full of jammy red fruit on the palate. Offers a rich, lingering finish.

Winexpert | White Wines 6 Weeks

Chardonnay – Australian $200.00 
Leave it to the Aussies to take the noble French grape and turn it into the wine equivalent of a full-on party. The Chardonnays of Australia continue to wow wine drinkers around the world with their unabashed celebration of opulent fruit and vanilla-oak, full-bodied flavour.
Johannisberg Dry Riesling $185.00
Germany’s most popular varietal, this wine is refreshing and well-balanced with a smooth full-body and a crisp finish. A great match with seafood and chicken entrees.
Luna Bianca 
Winexpert's biggest, boldest white wine ever. In the spirit of the great full-bodied Chardonnays of California and Australia, Luna Bianca is lush, golden and rich. Dense, luscious, buttery aromas dance up from the glass.
Muller Thurgau – German $195.00 
These are usually uncomplicated wines for everyday drinking - easy on the palate, youthful, light, and refreshing.
Pinot Grigio - Italian 
The uniquely Italian version of the well known Pinot Gris grape, picked earlier in Italy than in all other regions and well before its characteristic loss of acidity at ripening, for a bright, crisp, dry white wine with a gentle perfume and a detectable spiciness. 
Sauvignon Blanc – Chilean $190.00 
A gorgeous nose of honeydew, peach and gooseberry is followed by a silky palate with white peach and mineral flavours and a long finish. Bright, crisp and inviting at three months it’s refreshingly complex and tropical, and will develop notes of basil and mint with age.
Sweet to be sure, this crowd pleaser is a perfect wine for your favorite Thai or Indian cuisine. The harmony of frank sweetness and acidity is also a perfect partner for creamy cheeses.
Traminer -Riesling 
Crisp, delicate and fresh with floral aromas, brilliant acidity and vivid fruit flavours of peach and apricot.

Winexpert | Vinters Reserved Whites 4 and 5 Weeks

Angel Bianco 
An easy drinking, well-rounded white wine, with appealing fruit flavours and aromas. Rich and boldly fruity from a multi-vinifera blend that delivers up a floral aromatic nose and a fine mix of peachy, honey, pineapple fruit finishing with a perfect balance of acidity and fruitiness.
Mezza Luna White 
Like its Selection counterpart Luna Bianca, Mezza Luna (‘Half Moon') is Vintners Reserve's ‘great white' full, round and flavourful, with big fruit flavours and aromas. The oak provides a subtle yet noticeable balance to the fruit intensity.
The intense fruitiness of this beguiling wine suggests rich sweetness, but it shows a surprisingly dry and aromatic finish. A delicate yellow colour, tinged with the variety's typical 'green-gold' hue, it bursts out of the glass with apricot, peach and spice aromas.

Winexpert | Dessert Wine

Sherry (Dry or Cream) 6 wk 
Sweet Sherry is dry Sherry that has been sweetened. The sweetening can come in many forms, such as the juice of Pedro Ximénez grapes that have been dried like raisins.
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