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What is a U-Brew?

A U-Brew is a facility that allows customers to make their own wine or beer on-premise. This means that the customer comes into the shop, decides which wine they would like to make, pay for it so that they are the owner and then sprinkle the yeast on top of the grape juice to start the fermentation process.

We then process & look after their wine and make sure that the different processes are completed on schedule.

What are the legal rules for your business?

We are licensed by the Provincial Government
Not allowed to act like a “winery” 

Can’t give samples, and can’t sell wine by the bottle Not allowed to advertise the price of a batch of wine. A batch is 30 bottles.

How long does it take for the wine to be done?

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Four to Eight weeks after sprinkling the yeast (depending on the type of wine made). We will give you a call and you can come in, have a small sample of your wine, fill your 30 bottles of wine and take it home. Labels for your wine and coordinating shrink-wrap are included in the price to make the bottles look as good, or better than many store-bought wines.
Several bottls of wine in Burnaby

Can I bring my own bottles?

If you have bottles, we encourage you to re-use them. We are concerned about the environment. We reuse or recycle whatever we can and encourage our customers to do so as well. Please take off labels and shrinkwraps after drinking, and rinse thoroughly. Turn upside down to dry. If the label will not come off, Government regulations say that it must be defaced before you are allowed to refill the bottle with wine.

If you need to purchase bottles, we carry many different styles to bottle an assortment of wine products such as ice wine, coolers, or port. We also have a large supply of wine bottles for both red and white wine. 750ml bottles are $1.00
We also can bottle wine in bags. Bags hold up to 6 -750ml bottles in a bag. Bags are $2.95

Where do the wines come from?

Our wine kits come from Vineco, RJ Spagnols, and Winexpert. They are three of the largest suppliers in the world, and are located in the lower mainland. These suppliers source their grapes from around the world.

What types of wine are available?

Currently we have over 150 different types of wine to recommend from. We make wines from all over the world; California, Italy, Australia,New Zealand,France, just to name of few

We also offer fruit wines such as Peach Chardonnay, Ciders and Coolers, as well as a large variety of Ports, flavoured Ports, Sherries, and Ice Wines. Our suppliers, throughout the year, continue to source grapes in order to produce wonderful varietals and blends to enhance our wine selection.

How do I know that I will enjoy the wine I select if I haven't tasted it before?

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We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back!
Prior to purchasing, we will talk to you about your preferences and make every effort to suit your taste requirements.

If you like a sweeter wine, we can make the wine sweeter at the time of bottling.

If you don’t like oak, this can be eliminated from your wine. Just let us know when you are ordering.
We recommend that all wines need a period of aging to enhance the overall quality of the wine. Red wines need ideally 3 to 6 months of aging while white one week of aging.

How do you decide what wine to purchase?

We will discuss with you your preferences, how soon you wish to drink the wine, and your budget.

In most cases, we can narrow down the choices and make recommendations to suit your needs.

All of our suppliers produce pamphlets describing their wines so that you can read what flavours, aromas, and the body, oak, and sweetness of your wine, will be.
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